International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry

The International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (IAEAC) is a worldwide operating organization aiming at promoting and maintaining scientific excellence in the area of environmental analytical chemistry and the proper use of the inherent methodologies for the assessment of substances relevant for man and his environment.

Its activities are based on the understanding that man’s impact on his environment is dominated by the extensive use and release of chemicals. Other factors, however, may be considered to be of similar relevance for environmental quality. Therefore the IAEAC is strongly collaborating with scientists from disciplines other than chemistry related ones.

The activities of IAEAC are designed to provide the opportunity for scientists to exchange cutting edge research results relevant to environment and to provide training in the most advanced analytical technologies. To accomplish its goals, the organization has established the following regularly occurring events:

  • Symposia – that address environmental issues in a broad sense, but always include environmental analytical chemistry as a central topic
  • Workshops – that are dedicated to specific topical areas of environmental research
  • Short courses – that are intended to familiarize scientists or technicians with new techniques applicable in carrying our environmentally relevant investigations

These events take place at locations throughout the world to maximize the opportunities for environmental analytical chemists in all countries to participate. The broad distribution of locations also encourages the discussion of environmental concerns particular to a wide variety of locations. The IAEAC pursues these idealistic goals for scientific and moral purposes and is not profit orientated. The organized events are intended, however, to be financially self- sufficient.

Prof. Fischer is a member of the present extended executive committee.