Dr. rer. nat. Manfred Eggersdorfer

Geburtsdatum: 9. April 1951, Gsenget, Deutschland
Akademischer Titel: Chemiker, Dr. rer. nat.

Qualifikation und Beruflicher Werdegang:

1972 –1977
Studium der Chemie an der Technischen Universität München

1977 – 1979
Promotion in Organischer Chemie

1979 – 1980
Post-Doktorand at Stanford-University (Carl Djerassi), California

1981 – 1985
Research scientist in BASF Central Research

1985 – 1988
Head of research group for special technologies (chromatography, vitamins)

1988 – 1992
Head of R+D Strategy and Research Planning, BASF Central Research

1992 – 1995
Head of Research Fine Chemicals, BASF

1995 – 1999
Vice President Development Fine Chemicals, BASF, Ludwigshafen (Member of Executive Committee)

1999 – 2003
Head of R+D Roche Vitamins, Basel, Switzerland (Member of Executive Committee Roche Vitamins)

Sen. Vice President R+D DSM Nutritional Products (DNP), located in Kaiseraugst, Switzerland (Member of Executive Committee DNP)

Since 2010
Sen. Vice President Nutrition Science & Advocacy DSM Nutritional Products (DNP) (Member of the Executive Committee DNP)


Member of the Advisory Board of the Bloomberg School of Public Health, Johns-Hopkins-University, Baltimore

Member of the International Committee for Excellence in Food and Nutrition of the University Campus Bio-Medico Di Roma

Member of the Advisory Board of the New York Academy of Sciences’ initiative to define the future Nutrition Science Agenda

Member of the Board of the Gesellschaft für angewandte Vitaminforschung e.V.

Life Time Honorary Member of “The Oxygen Club of California” honoring the pioneering work in research and development of nutraceuticals

Lecturer at the Institute Food Science and Nutrition, ETH Zürich, “Nutrition and chronic disease”

Associate Editor of “International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research”

Editor/contributor of several books in the field of nutrition and micronutrients

Member of the Stiftungsrat of Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Basel

Member of Senat of Fraunhofer-Institute for Innovation, Karlsruhe

Member of the Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker

Member of Swiss Biotech Association

Reviewer for a variety of journals and several granting agencies

Aktuelle Beiträge DSM Nutritional Products (2003 – 2011)

Innovation Strategy 2010 for DSM Nutritional Products according defined growth target

Implementation of innovation excellence program with stage-gate process for projects, launch process for new ingredients and benchmarking tool

Strategy for new role of nutritional ingredients for personalized nutrition

Strategy for fermentation technology for nutritional ingredients

Dev. and launch of Resvida (bio-active in grapes) with positioning in healthy aging

Dev. and launch of Bonistein (active principle of soy protein) with positioning in bone health

Dev. of Fabuless (encapsulated, micronized fat droplets) for positioning in weight management

Positioning of phytase to increase iron bioavailability in food for developing countries in co-operation with ETH Zürich

Dev. and launch of a series of new product forms with improved bioavailability and stability (Vitamin E, Vitamin A, ß-carotene) in new matrix materials (beverages, tablets etc.)

Set up of co-operation with World Food Program to improve nutrition in developing countries

Build up of an alliance and joint laboratory with Fudan-University, Shanghai, China

Build up of a new R+D laboratory in Shanghai, China

Experience and responsibilities

Managing large R+D organizations in different companies (with up to 500 people)

Development of nutritional ingredients with safety and efficacy data and documents

Safeguarding leading science position for vitamins and nutritional ingredients

Performing human studies of micronutrients in co-operation with universities

Screening and assessment of new technologies with impact for nutrition

Co-ordination of R+D activities between different sites (Europe, US, Asia)

Managing R+D co-operations with key customers worldwide

Organization of workshops and symposia

Networking with universities in the field of micronutrients, nutrition and health

Co-operating with NGOs and other organizations

Scouting for new product opportunities

External representation in international know-how infrastructure

Advising Managing Board in R+D matters and relevant developments