Incentive Systems

Food & Health Innovations Awards

The project sponsors, the SGS Fresenius Institute, represented by Dr. Christian Hummert, and the Hamburg School of Food Science, represented by Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer, want to award and to encourage the creativity, determination and commitment of young future scientists with this educational initiative.

Innovative ideas for the solution of problems in the fields of food, nutrition and health are awarded. The winners receive a diploma and financial support for their scientific career.

The winners are selected by independent referees in collaboration with the strategy board of the Hamburg School of Food Science.

Deadlines for the application will be announced in the near future.

Competence in Food Awards

Food chemists have to be able to understand and use modern and innovative as well as traditional methods of analysis. They are scientific experts with a special competence in food and adjacent fields. Competence in food demands constant development of the available methods, especially concerning trace analysis, and enhancement of their efficiency. This is important for gaining reliable and significant measuring data and to assess the obtained results extensively by food regulatory guidelines as well as toxicological and nutrition-physiological criteria.

Eurofins, Krohn attorneys in law and the Hamburg School of Food Science award prizes for the best PhD- and diploma-theses of the respective academic year. To promote the commitment and the potential of young talents the best graduates of each year are awarded also by a prize.

With this incentive system the project sponsors want to set an example of appreciation to motivate young highly talented students and graduates to achieve further excellent performances.

The winners are selected by independent experts in the field of food chemistry.