Mission Statement

Understanding Food

The HAMBURG SCHOOL OF FOOD SCIENCE considers itself as a competence center for modern education and excellent research in the field of food chemistry.

The HAMBURG SCHOOL OF FOOD SCIENCE stands for international cooperation in education and science.

Conducted by this aspiration the HAMBURG SCHOOL OF FOOD SCIENCE is aiming at an interdisciplinary cooperation for the development of the scientific potentialities and the highest possible quality in the fulfillment of tasks.

In the awareness of its responsibility as a part of society the HAMBURG SCHOOL OF FOOD SCIENCE considers itself as a mediator between science and practice.

As the center of food science in Hamburg the HAMBURG SCHOOL OF FOOD SCIENCE strives to render essential contributions to the regional and trans-regional progress by a diverse network of scientific and practical cooperation.

  1. RESEARCH: The central aim is the creation of an internationally competitive and internationally visible platform for the enhancement of knowledge in the areas of food chemistry and related topics including but not limited to the topics of food safety, nutrition and health .


    • Comprehensive coverage of the topic of food safety “from farm to fork”
    • Development and implementation of novel concepts, methods and cooperative projects in the domains of basic and applied research
  2. TEACHING: The HSFS will be a seeding nucleus for the implementation of novel curricula in the areas of food chemistry, food microbiology, nutritional physiology and related areas.


    • These concepts will be transmitted by way of specialized Bachelor and Master’s  programs
    • Interdisciplinary programs for teaching and career advancement including the implementation of incentive schemes.
  3. COMMUNICATION: The HSFS is dedicated to the transfer of knowledge by open, transparent and consistent communication inside the network and in the public domain


    • Promotion of sustainable development in the area of food industry
    • Promotion of cooperation between the domains of science, economy, politics and society
    • Promotion of public dialogue including individuals, journalists, associations, business and politics. Promotion of scientific awareness for themes including, but not limited to food, health, nutrition and economic aspects.
    • Integration of specialist disciplines for the assessment of central topics
    • Promotion of cooperation between basic and applied research for the purpose of rapid transfer of innovative methods and ideasTransferzeiten innovativer Verfahren und Erkenntnisse
    • Establishing a platform of experts for all aspects of food safety
  4. NETWORKS: The HSFS will be cooperating with a wide variety of partners, especially in northern Germany


    • Establishing and extending connections with other research centers and universities
    • Promotion of scientific exchange and cooperation
    • Initiation of innovative and interdisciplinary research projects

    Potential partners:

    • Other centers of excellence and networks
    • Public and private institutions
    • Associations
    • Foundations
    • Companies