The central subject of the ISEAC-39 conference that will take place at the University of Hamburg, from July 19th – 22nd 2016 is the innovative use of analytical methods for the investigation of environmentally and food relevant questions.

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The program of ISEAC-39 will consist of invited lectures, oral contributions and poster sessions. Session topics will be either method- or problem-oriented. In particular, we welcome contributions that span the full range of the ISEAC scope: The Environmental Part of the conference covers the three elements Air, Water &Soil including anthropogenic chemicals (agricultural and industrial origin, hormonal active and drug residues, human waste water), exhaust gases (indoor/outdoor emissions), fine dust and radioactivity, remediation monitoring and long term transport and distribution regimes. The Food Part mainly deals with innovative and challenging strategies to maintain Food Safety& Food Fraud (authenticity). Methods for trace analysis of residues, chemical or microbial contaminants and new approaches to tackle nano and packaging materials are highly welcome.

The technological and scientific scope of the conference covers a wide range of topics starting from sampling, non-targeted approaches (screening, fingerprinting, profiling, barcoding, omics-technologies), targeted approaches (detection, identification and quantification of organic compounds), rapid testing and on-site applications (sensors, biosensors) to bioinformatics (processing, recycling, sharing, storage) and risk assessment.


Tuesday and Wednesday morning is split in three sessions each for ENVIRONMENT and FOOD:


  • Anthropogenic Chemicals (e.g. drugs, human waste water, industry)
  • Global Pollutants 1 (e.g. fine dust (indoor / outdoor emissions))
  • Global Pollutants 2 (e.g. substance dynamics, trace metals)


  • Contaminants & Residues (chemical / microbial)
  • Food Authenticity 1: Genomics & Proteomics incl. Bioinformatics
  • Food Authenticity 2: Metabolomics


Beginning with Wednesday afternoon we have joint ENVIRONMENT / FOOD sessions:


  • Thinking outside the box (3 invited speakers talking about their outstanding ideas)
  • Emerging Challenges for Environment & Food  (e.g. risk assessment)
  • Emerging Technologies for Environment & Food (e.g. micro fluidics)

Think Tank - Talking about food Safety in a Global Context

One of the aims of ISEAC-38 in Lausanne 2014 was to open the discussion regarding Food Safety by leading food safety experts from Europe and overseas. We will continue this dialogue in the 39th edition talking about Food Production in Emerging but Underdeveloped Nations with Implications on Food Safety and Environmental Issues.

Who & What?

The Symposium will bring together both established and young researchers in academia, public and industrial laboratories involved in the field of environmental and food analytics and hard ware manufacturers involved in the development and distribution of analytical instrumentation relevant for this interdisciplinary field.

The meeting will include lectures, poster sessions and an exhibition and accordingly provide for ample possibilities for the distribution of knowledge on latest developments in analytical methods for environmental and food analysis, for the setup of research platforms in an interdisciplinary context for tackling challenges and for initiating new collaborations for research and regulatory measures on a global scale.

It is a pleasure to look forward for many scientists active in the field of environmental and food analysis, for food manufactures, for the leading companies involved in the development of analytical instrumentation as well as for young researchers eager to enter this challenging field of research to meet in Hamburg.

 Jose Broekaert (Chairman Environment)
Markus Fischer (Chairman Food)


The ISEAC series is organized by the International Association of Environmental Analytical Chemistry (IAEAC) which had its beginnings in 1971 with a scientific meeting, organized to provide a forum for how analytical chemists might contribute to the recent “environmental revolution”. Now, since over 40 years, it has had a long and successful lifetime, morphing from that initial meeting into an organization that has a worldwide impact. The main event organized by the IAEAC is the International Symposium on Environmental Analytical Chemistry (ISEAC). Since 2014 Food Analytics became integrated in ISEAC. 


Prof. Dr. Jose Broekaert

University of Hamburg
Institut für Anorganische und Angewandte Chemie
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Phone: +49-40-42838-3111/3123
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Prof. Dr. Markus Fischer

University of Hamburg
Grindelallee 117
D-20146 Hamburg / Germany
Phone: +49-40-42838-4357
FAX: +49-40-42838-4342